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Lifelong Learning Needs Survey March 22, 2018

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As a Lifelong Learner, whether you are based in Jamaica or overseas, please share with us the areas you wish to know more about to achieve your Personal and Professional Development Goals. This information will help to guide our selection of content, programmes and services to serve you better.


University of Technology, Jamaica
Alumni Relations Office


UTech, Ja Mentor Recruitment 2017/18 – Sign Up Today! August 30, 2017

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Professionals with at least 5 years working experience, with an interest in people development and  investing in the next generation of professionals and leaders of Jamaica and the Caribbean Region are invited to express interest in becoming a Mentor to final years students at UTech, Jamaica.  Alumni of UTech, Jamaica as well as graduates of other institutions are welcome as Mentors.  (more…)

Professional Dev and Job Hunting Opportunity for UTech, Jamaica Alumni July 20, 2017

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Dear UTech Alumni,


Can we help each other?


We’d like to think so!


But just to be sure, if you don’t mind us asking….


  • Would it help to boost your confidence, if you were sure you had a well crafted, value adding resume and/or LinkedIn Profile, which clearly and impressively answers the No. 1 question in a Hiring Manager’s mind “What value will this candidate add to my organization?”
  • Would you feel more hopeful if you had someone to help you develop a job search or career management strategy so you could get on with your life…with better fit between who you are and what you do, plus better compensation-focus-joy-peace?
  • Would it mean a lot to you to be able to handle this…wait…period [the wait to find a job, or the wait to find a better job] without feeling fearful, angry, anxious and uncertain?

If You Answered “Yes!” to Any of the Questions

Then we can definitely help each other!




Professional Development Opportunity Brochure
Professional Development Form


Cheryll Messam, CPC
Certified Professional Coach
Alumni Relations Manager
University of Technology, Jamaica



Join Toastmasters @ UTech, Ja April 20, 2017

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Dear UTech, Jamaica Alumni,

You are invited to join the Toastmaster’s group hosted by UTech, Jamaica


ToastMasters at UTechJa (more…)

Want To Buy Real Estate for Living, Business or Investment in Jamaica? March 21, 2017

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Posted: March 21, 2017

Dear UTech, Jamaica Alumni:

In keeping with our commitment to provide ongoing support to you in your Personal, Professional and Business Development beyond graduation, we continue to share with you relevant news and information that we believe will help you to achieve your goals.

As you may know, Real Estate is a major investment for individuals, families and businesses. Some of us need it for the peace of mind of having a place of our own to live in or to operate our businesses. Others need it for wealth creation through long-term or short-term rental to residents of Jamaica, visitors, expatriates on work visas and businessess. In case you are interested in this significant area of life, we share some valuable information below for your further research and verification towards real estate ownership for residential, business or investment purposes.

UTech, Ja Workshop: Interpersonal Skills and Navigating a Successful Research Career November 15, 2016

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Date: Wednesday, November 16, 2016.
Time: 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Venue: Lecture Theatre 4 (LT-4), Faculty of the Built Environment, University of Technology, Jamaica, Papine Campus.

Please confirm your attendance by email to: karlene.martin@utech.edu.jm

Alumni Relations Office
University of Technology, Jamaica

Club One New Releases: Call For Musicians October 20, 2016

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Club One New Releases is coming to Jamaica and is looking for emerging market-ready musical talent for its TV series! Please circulate the link below and the flyer (above)  to those who qualify. The deadline for entries is October 26, 2016! (more…)

WEALTH CREATION: NHT New Policies & Other Information August 23, 2016

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Whether you already own a home or aspire to own your own home one day, we are happy to share some Wealth Creation information with you, and ask you to forward to other  alumni, family and friends who you believe will benefit from this information.

Please see below for information on NHT’s New Policies and Home Loan Information. In case you are unaware, NHT has a facility to assist you if you do not have a deposit for your prospective new home.  In addition, if you are already a home owner, NHT has a facility to assist you in saving on your energy bill, with the purchase of a solar heater or to change over your energy supply to solar energy. Given the challenging financial times we are living in, these are three very impactful services from NHT, which can increase wealth for you and your family.  You are encouraged to give them a call or visit to learn more.

The Kingston & St. Andrew, St. Catherine and St. James Branch Offices open as early as 7:30 a.m. You are encouraged to go early to avoid waiting. All other offices operate from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, Mondays – Thursdays. On Fridays offices close at 3:00 pm


Frequently Asked Questions

NHT Brochures for Download



NHT Loans to Take You Home

Customer Care


Call Centre


Website & Live Chat

The University of Technology, Jamaica is committed to supporting the ongoing personal, professional and business development of all our graduates, through the provision of value-adding information. We wish you and family the very best in life and work!

Alumni Relations Office
University of Technology876-970-5468

Why You Should Be Active on LinkedIn March 23, 2016

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Dear Alumni,

In keeping with our commitment to sharing content that will support your Personal, Professional, Academic and Business Development Goals, we share 10 simple reasons why we believe you should be ACTIVE on LinkedIn.

  1. It is the premiere social media networking site for professionals, entrepreneurs and students who have personal, professional, academic and business development goals
  2. Your actions and engagement on LinkedIn have a potential reach of 400 + million users, located in 200+ countries, with 70 % of the users living outside of the USA. This is good for persons with international interests.
  3. It has a powerful search engine which enables you to be highly selective in generating search results for the unique set of characteristics of the professionals and organizations you most wish to connect with
  4. Its profile feature enables you to thoroughly research your target professional or organization, enabling you to be be fully prepared and confident when you make contact for academic, business or job hunting purposes
  5. Through the Group option, you can improve your networking results, keep abreast of cutting edge trends in your industry, and learn new information and skills about areas of interest well beyond your current professional role
  6. It provides you unfettered access to the intellectual capital of world leaders and industry leaders and influencers
  7. It provides you with a platform to showcase samples of your work, and share your intellectual capital, thereby allowing you to be seen as an expert in your profession. This in turn increases the likelihood of your success in job hunting, as well as being offered career, academic and business opportunities by other professionals located across the world
  8. It has dedicated online learning, sales, and recruitment options
  9. It provides highly useful and value -adding functionality with its free option, which you can further enhance with a paid subscription
  10. Based on current business and lifestyle trends, and the influence of the internet on daily life, increasingly, if you do not have a professional online presence, through which interested parties e.g. Prospective Employers, Scholarship Donors, Venture Capitalists, Prospective Business Partners can research you, this will be seen as a ‘red flag.‘  Not having a well crafted, professional, online presence will make you un-competitive as a professional and entrepreneur who needs a thriving network in order to accomplish significant goals. With the growing dominance of LinkedIn in the professional, business and academic space, it is the first online context that anyone wishing to research you will visit.


Have we convinced you that if you are a career conscious professional or serious entrepreneur that you need to be ACTIVE on LinkedIn?


Add Us in the Alumni Relations Office to Your LinkedIn Network Here!

Join Your LinkedIn Alumni Group Here!

Want to maximize the opportunities LinkedIn presents you to achieve your personal, professional, academic and business goals, but confused about how LinkedIn truly works?


The Alumni Relations Office Will Help You!

As you know we in the Alumni Relations Office at UTech, Jamaica offer a variety of  Professional Development Services. Among our services to you is the LinkedIn Profile Review and LinkedIn Networking Strategy Consultation. From these services you will learn how to optimize your LinkedIn Profile as well as what strategies to use to accomplish your networking goals on LinkedIn.

For each of our Professional Development services we request a donation of JAD$3000  to our University. Alumns who wish to purchase 3 or more services receive significant discounts. Part-proceeds will be given to the Student Welfare Fund.

Learn more about our Professional Development Services and your opportunity to donate to strengthen UTech, Jamaica’s capacity to serve you as Alumni and our students, by selecting the 2 links below. In addition, feel free to call us at 876-970-5468 or 876-809-4274 or email us at cmessam@utech.edu.jm,  if you have additional questions about our Professional Development Services.

*****Even if you are an Alumni currently based outside of Jamaica, and you wish to benefit from our services, we want to support your goals too. So contact us today.

Alumni Relations Office – Professional Development Services

UTech, Ja Alumni Donation for Professional Development

Alumni Relations Office – Professional Development Services Donation Form

UTech, Ja Alumni Donation for Professional Development Form


LinkedIn 2015-08-19_social-media-update_10

Enter a caption

Source: http://www.pewinternet.org/2015/08/19/mobile-messaging-and-social-media-2015/2015-08-19_social-media-update_10/

Cheryll Messam, CPC, ELI-MP
Certified Professional Life & Corporate Coach
Alumni Relations Manager
University of Technology, Jamaica
237 Old Hope Road
Kingston 6, Jamaica W.I.
Ph: 876-970-5468 ext. 2468 / 876-809-4274
email: cmessam@utech.edu.jm |www.utechjamaica.edu.jm

Discussion: Personal Branding, Hosted by Talk Tank June 22, 2015

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PersonalB Craig

The TALK TANK (TT) is a NEW, stimulating and energizing meeting ground of ideas that INSPIRE human beings to be all they were purposed. These ideas are articulated through talks, the creative and performing arts; and are powerful because each TANK is alive and abuzz with lived experiences that INSPIRE.

#Personal #Branding is the first TANK event, scheduled for Wednesday, July 1, 2015, at the PCJ Auditorium (Haughton Avenue, New Kingston), from 7pm – 8:30pm.  I invite you and your team members to register for this presentation, as it will not only reenergize, but position and equip persons to powerfully represent themselves and ultimately, their organizations.

#Personal #Branding directly influences an organization’s outputs. #Branding is commonly thought of as the influence and impact of a business’ products or services in the market place. However, organizations are only as powerful as their staff; and unfortunately, not enough attention and resources are pumped into staff developing themselves as a #Personal #Brand. Many companies are not even familiar with the concept of #Personal #Branding.

This TALK TANK will ignite thinking around building a #Personal #Brand, and will provide practical tools to stand out from ‘the regular staff’, and be THE ONE, everyone else wants to work with, or be served by.

This exclusive event is open to only 100 professionals, representing human resource management, marketing and communications, banking, consumer goods and retail, to name a few. Registration and tickets are online at www.amiando.com/talktank, at US$19.99 p/p. Tickets will not be sold at the venue.

For more information visit the TALK TANK site at www.craigmcnally.wix.com/talktank.

Stand out! Be distinctive! Make your mark! You are your own Marketing Manager! REGISTER!

Be Inspired

UTech SOTAVE – Design & Decorating Courses, June – Aug, 2015 June 16, 2015

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Sotave Design


Alumni Relations Office
University of Technology, Jamaica

Study in Australia June 9, 2015

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On Tuesday, June 9, 2015, the Australian High Commission, invited the public to attend a Higher Education Outreach information session at the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech).

Please see some of the resources shared below at the information session.  UTech invites all interested Alumni to conduct research and verification on opportunities for study in Australia. We wish all our CAST-UTech Graduates the very best experience in the ongoing development of your personal and professional lives!

Government Sites
Study in Australia – http://www.studyinaustralia.gov.au/

Australia Immigration – http://www.immi.gov.au/Pages/Welcome.aspx

Universities Australia – https://www.universitiesaustralia.edu.au/

Study in Australia PDF (For Download)

For further information please email pd.caribbean.pos@gmail.com


Alumni Relations Office
University of Technology, Jamaica

UTech SHTM Culinary Short Courses April 24, 2015

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SHTM Short Courses For further information & registration contact Ms. Hyacinth Walters School of Hospitality & Tourism Management Email: hwalters@utech.edu.jm Phone: 876-970-5366 ========================================================= Alumni Relations Office University of Technology, Jamaica 876-970-5468

How Long Before You Give Up? February 2, 2015

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I went to college for the first time 3 years later than my high-school cohort, because I didn’t pass my A’ level exams (a UK and  Caribbean school leaving assessment) which would have gotten me straight into University.  My parents couldn’t  have easily afforded for me to repeat the final year of high school and re-sit those exams. I didn’t want to burden them, and in any case, I was ready to see the back of high school. So I went to work. (more…)


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The protective ebola suit illustrates the complete and full body coverage that is necessary to reduce the risk of infection by the Ebola Virus. The labels provide the name and function of each piece and how it is to be worn. The common factor seems to be that each piece of the suit is….waterproof.

The average citizen in a country is not likely to afford a Protective Ebola Suit or a Hazmat (Hazardous Material) Suit. These suits are typically provided to medical personnel by the authorities. Yet each citizen needs to think how best to strategically protect self and family and loved ones.  It may be helpful to ponder the question below and follow through to have these items handy in an emergency kit.

Q: What waterproof item can I think of to substitute for each piece of the Protective Ebola Suit to offer full protection to me and my family members?

Why not check out the story of Fatu Kekula and be inspired?




Alumni Relations Office
University of Technology, Jamaica876-970-5468


Ebola BE INFORMED! October 26, 2014

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Dear Alumni,

There is “so much trouble in the world”as the lyrics to that famous song by Bob Marley states. Yet for self, family, those we care about, and our nation, wherever we reside across the globe, we all need to find strength and courage in these fear-filled times…if we are going to overcome our challenges, and move ahead to live and continue living a satisfying and productive life.

With the Ebola virus ravishing lives of our brothers and sisters in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea and currently spreading outward to Spain and the USA, feelings of confusion, helplessness,  fear and anxiety are quite understandable. Ebola is frightening. We become fearful whenever we believe we cannot manage our circumstances. Yet preparation triumphs fear. It is with that in mind, and the intention to encourage all our Alumni to BE PREPARED, that we share these references on Ebola. Information is fundamental to preparation.

The references are arranged by sub-headings to help you quickly locate information of interest to you. However, we strongly encourage you to read all the stories in the “Stories of  Triumph” section as they are filled with “HOPE.

We wish for each of you and your families safety, peace and triumph in these troubled times. Let us resolve together to Beat Ebola! It can be beaten.

NOTE: The articles shared in this post were taken from various internet websites. The University of Technology, Jamaica cannot attest to the accuracy of the information. It is anticipated that each reader will verify the information gleaned.



The Guinean Town That Overcame Ebola

Fatu Kekula Saves Her Family

How Did Nigeria Quash Its Ebola Outbreak So Quickly?

Dr Adadevoh diagnosed the first Ebola patient in Nigeria and her actions stopped the disease spreading. She died too.

For Your Encouragement Today – Story of Ada Igonoh October 3, 2014

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Dear CAST-UTech Alumni

Today we share these two stories with you from Dr. Ada Igonoh, a survivor of the recent Ebola crisis that has engulfed our world. We think of Ebola, we think of our local Chik V, we think of our search for jobs, we think of how under water we feel, through not having enough funds to meet our responsibilities…and we feel F E A R. Totally understandable. Which is why we believe that it is important to share Dr. Igonoh’s story with you.

Your mindset is what you most need to protect as you experience your gut wrenching challenges at this time. We encourage all Alumni who call our office to discuss their challenges, especially…job search challenges…we encourage them to be intentional about doing at least 1 thing every day…to protect your mind and emotions from discouragement.

You know what keeps you upbeat. Feed on it like you feed on vitamins. Consume that thing/activity as you would food. If you can engage with your motivator (e.g. exercise, scriptures, words of inspiration, a safe person, creative activity, dancing etc) once per day, and do so whether you are feeling happy or down in spirit, you will boost your emotional (more…)

UTech College of Health Sciences – Drug Abuse Workshops June 24, 2014

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the college of health sciences


Alumni Relations Office
University of Technology, Jamaica

CANADA – Study & Immigration References May 20, 2014

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Association of Universities & Colleges of Canada



Canada Colleges Ontario (more…)

How to Be an Effective Networker at Business & Social Events February 18, 2014

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Man-Woman Chatting

Meeting people for the first time, and public speaking are two experiences that often drive up a person’s sense of fear and anxiety. While that is understandable, if you are an entrepreneur, a leader, or  a professional who intends to have a successful career, your success is inextricably linked to knowing people. The more people you know, at least let me qualify that by saying… the more people you know who are relevant to your personal, professional, and business interests, the more successful you will be. (more…)

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