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Alumni Association, UTech

[Last Updated Feb 1, 2018]

The Alumni Association, University of Technology, Jamaica  is the largest voluntary and fee based membership group of past students of the College of Arts, Science & Technology (CAST) and the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech, Ja).  The Association is governed by an Executive team, and is separate from and functions independently of the University’s administrative unit known as the Alumni Relations Office.

The Alumni Association, UTech invites all past students of CAST and UTech, Ja located locally and globally to join the Association and contribute meaningfully to the ongoing development of UTech. Why not join and fulfill the mission….

The Alumni Association, UTech through collective effort is dedicated to integrating the goals and aspirations of its members for the University by:

– Fostering camaraderie and professional networking

– Commanding human, physical and financial resources for the advancement of the University


President (2nd Term)  – Ronnie Sutherland

V.P. Marketing & Public Relations (2nd Term) – Sharon Smith

V.P. Membership – Jacqueline Daley

V.P Finance & Administration – Egnon Christie

Elected Executive Members (No Portfolio)

Co-opted Members

Alumni Association, UTech Contacts:

President, Mr. Ronnie Sutherland c. 876-815-2425
VP Marketing, Mrs. Sharon Smith c: 876-361-4686
Email: utechalumni@gmail.com



Over, 40,000 students in various disciplines have graduated from CAST and UTech, Jamaica. These graduates can be found in positions at all levels in management and the professions all over Jamaica and the rest of the world. Membership in the Alumni Association will provide excellent opportunities for camaraderie and networking among this group. Real affinity is usually felt when one meets a graduate in a social setting or in the world of work. A sense of kinship comes from experiences shared at UTech.

Staying in Touch

It is so easy to lose touch with classmates with whom you spent trying times and joyful occasions. The many events organized by the Association throughout the year will allow you to maintain contact, and to compare notes as the years unfold.

€Big Savings On Purchases

Members will receive a Corporate Discount Card which entitles them to substantial discounts on purchases of a wide range of goods and services.

€Use of UTech, Jamaica Facilities

Members will have access to the Library and select Sporting Facilities on campus.

Personal &  Professional Development

The Alumni Association has five (5) committees i.e Budget & Finance, Membership, Fundraising & Social Activities, Campus Link & Administration, Public Relations,  and Constitution & Ethics. Members are encouraged to serve on these committees. This is an excellent opportunity for you to serve your alma mater and to further broaden your personal and professional skills.


Members will receive the Alumni/UTech Newsletter which will provide updates on the happenings on campus, tips and news about alumni based locally and overseas.

Help Improve Our University

During your period of study at UTech you may have noted areas for improvement. The Alumni Association has a representative on the University Council. This provides the opportunity for the Alumni Community to influence meaningful changes in the University’s policies. These improvement can benefit future students and add value to the certification of Alumni.



You may access and download the Alumni Association, UTech Application & Constitution at the links below.



CONTACT Alumni Association, UTech 
President, Mr. Ronnie Sutherland c. 876-815-2425
VP Marketing, Mrs. Sharon Smith c: 876-361-4686
Email: utechalumni@gmail.com


Posted on behalf of the Alumni Association, UTech
By The University of Technology, Jamaica



1. David - June 3, 2018

This site allows individuals to access information get in the know and build the Utech brand.

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5. Jennifer Hall - September 26, 2014

If members are allow to pay the membership fee in small portions, this would encourage an increase in membership. It is money that makes the mail run, but let’s us not ignore unity, which build strength. This fee is too high. Many of us would like to give what we have, but to be a member is just too expensive for some of us. Believe it!!

Phillips - February 23, 2015

I concur with those comments. Why is the membership fee so high and what are the real benefits of membership? I am really not sure.

6. Jennifer Hall - September 26, 2014

If members are allowed to pay the membership fee in small portion, this would encourage new members topping in. It is money that make the mail run, but sometimes it cripples a good thing.

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