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Should Freelancers File Taxes in Jamaica? February 3, 2016

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Per our Tax Administration Department the understanding is that Freelance persons are essentially persons earning income (from any source) while living in Jamaica, although they do not have a registered business. They should therefore declare their income. For all income earners in Jamaica whose income falls below the tax threshold of $592,800, no taxes will be applied. If an income earner earns above $592,800 for the year, then the threshold is subtracted from the total earned, and tax will only be applied to the difference. (more…)

BECOME FINANCIALLY FREE! Budget Template for Download January 28, 2014

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dollar_signDear Alumni,

We want you to be financially free and s-t-r-o-n-g!

If you are not currently living based on a defined budget, then we do encourage you to do so. The NCB Budget Template is an excellent tool to help you budget,  in order to gain an accurate picture of the movement of your money, so you can have CONTROL over your money.  Every financial planner will tell you that living by a budget (telling your money where to go & knowing specifically where it went)  is the first step in gaining FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

Download Your Budget Template Here! (more…)

The #1 Way To Make This a Great Year for You! January 22, 2014

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Stealing Time and Money2

  1. Finally accept that Time…is…Money [This is life changing TRUTH!]


UTech Alumni Relations e-Report: How To Make Work…WORK! October 31, 2012

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e-reportcoverHow to Make Work…WORK!

Dedicated to the Graduation Class of 2012, University of Technology, Jamaica

We in the Alumni Relations Office (ARO) at UTech continue to seek practical ways to support you our graduates in your ongoing personal and professional development. This e-Report: How to Make Work…WORK! was created to help you prepare to be successful as an autonomous professional in the workplace, as well as successful in the overall management of your career. The content is appropriate for young professionals entering the workforce for the very first time. It is also appropriate for the more seasoned professionals who may have been experiencing work, without the benefit of a relevant framework to guide their preparation, interpretations and responses, within the context of the various organizations for which they have worked to date. (more…)

NCB Budget Template (For download) October 22, 2012

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Dear Alumni,

If you have made the bold choice to create a financial plan for your future then — CONGRATULATIONS you are on your way to excellent financial health!  We recommend the NCB budgeting tool as an (more…)

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