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UTech Alumni: Let’s Help Andre Get Neurological Restoration Treatment! October 16, 2015

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UPDATED 24-11-2015

Andre Campbell Grad

Andre M. Campbell, BSc Construction Management, University of Technology, Jamaica, 2013

“Hi everybody, my name is Andre Campbell. I’m a PARAPLEGIC (paralyzed from waist down), male. This is as a result of a shooting incident that happened in November of 2009, where I was an Innocent bystander that fell victim to a gunman’s bullet. I was shot twice, once in the neck and the other in the abdomen, the shot to the neck entered the left “middle zone” region of the neck and exited at the right auricular region. The bullet to the abdomen damaged my lower intestines and a fragmented piece of the bullet entered the left eleven (11) thoracic vertebrae and lodged in the right of the vertebrae which caused instant paralysis. (more…)

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