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JOB ADVT: Social Services/Home Economics Officer, RADA August 24, 2018

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Job Purpose:
The work of the Social Services, Home Economics Unit forms an important and integral part of the Extension delivery system. The Parish SS/HE officer is responsible for ensuring the improvement in the social, economic and intellectual well being of rural farm families in the Parish by striving to improve their nutritional and health well being, while strengthening the role of the family in rural life. As a consequence of this, it is hoped that there will be a significant reduction in rural/urban drift of women and youths from countryside to city.
Amongst other things, the Parish SS/HE Officer coordinates, supports and promotes programmes and projects designed to enhance the involvement of women in Agricultural and Rural Development. They provide specialized training for rural women in the areas of food processing and preservation techniques, home management, parenting and cottage industry development.
The Parish SS/HE Officer is also responsible for coordinating their work in rural development with other important agencies in aspects of literacy, development of social infrastructure, parenting, nutrition and other aspects of family life. They also organize RADA’s participation in major shows and exhibitions within the region.
The incumbent has significant responsibility in terms of group formation, and building their capability to become self sustaining. This requires considerable skill and competences in group dynamics, conflict resolution and business planning for small and micro business enterprises.

Key Outputs:
 The organization and strengthening of a significant number of home economics groups where rural communities come together to undertake life coping skills and income generating activities and community development.
 Training of rural communities in business planning, product development, aspects of nutrition, child welfare, parenting, hygiene and health issues and home management.
 Conducting workshops, formal presentations to rural communities on all aspects of the above.
 Providing assistance to rural community groups in developing value-added products for sale.
 Helping with the identification of markets for value-added products and other products produced by these Home Economics groups.
Key Responsibility Areas:
Management and Administrative
 Prepare annual budgets for programme activities within the Parish;
 Form and support at least nine (9) groups of rural women into home economics groups that will eventually become self sustaining within the Parish;
 Work with community groups and individual families in developing income generating projects and


Bridgette B. Williams (Miss)
Senior Director- Human Resource Management and Administration
Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA)
Hope Gardens
Kingston 6.
Email: williamsb@rada.gov.jm

Telephone number:   977-7462
Fascimile number:     970-4660


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University of Technology, Jamaica



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