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UTech, Ja Lecturer Dr. Glenroy Pinnock Publishes Research on Using Music to Enhance Student Performance in Mathematics February 19, 2016

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Dr. Glenroy Pinnock, Lecturer, Faculty of Science and Sport (School of Mathematics and Statistics) recently published a research article  titled, “Using Live Reggae Instrumental Acoustic Music to Influence Students’ Mathematics Test Scores” in the peer-reviewed  Journal of Mathematics Education ( December 2015, Vol. 8, No. 2, pp. 115-125). The abstract is below:



In this study, one group of university introductory precalculus and calculus students (n=61) displayed differing levels of mathematics competency. These students participated in a mathematics workshop with background music for duration of 180 minutes. The mathematics performance (i.e., standard mathematics exam results) of the students was measured. Their pre- and posttest mathematics scores were examined. The correlation between the mathematics pretest and the mathematics posttest was found to be statistically significant. In addition, the mean differences from the paired samples t-test were statistically significant, favoring the posttest scores. The implications for positive social change include informing local teachers, parents, policy makers, and students an innovative approach to impact students’ mathematics scores positively. As a result, it is hoped that international students’ performances will be increased and greater mathematics achievement realized.

 Key words: mathematics achievement, background music, cooperative learning group, brain-based learning, mathematics anxiety, and cognitive skill.


Corporate Communications Unit

Advancement Division

February 15, 2016




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