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UTech Alumni: Let’s Help Andre Get Neurological Restoration Treatment! October 16, 2015

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UPDATED 24-11-2015

Andre Campbell Grad

Andre M. Campbell, BSc Construction Management, University of Technology, Jamaica, 2013

“Hi everybody, my name is Andre Campbell. I’m a PARAPLEGIC (paralyzed from waist down), male. This is as a result of a shooting incident that happened in November of 2009, where I was an Innocent bystander that fell victim to a gunman’s bullet. I was shot twice, once in the neck and the other in the abdomen, the shot to the neck entered the left “middle zone” region of the neck and exited at the right auricular region. The bullet to the abdomen damaged my lower intestines and a fragmented piece of the bullet entered the left eleven (11) thoracic vertebrae and lodged in the right of the vertebrae which caused instant paralysis.

I was a patient at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) Jamaica for a total of four weeks. I spent four days in the Intensive Care Unit and the remaining time on the ward under doctor’s supervision where I was seen by various doctors to ensure that I recovered properly from the surgery I underwent. While recovering on the ward the Doctors (general and neuro surgeons) told me that I may never walk again, now you can imagine how devastated I felt after hearing such news as a young man in the prime of his life.


With that said, I held on to the little possibility that exist. Still startled from the news I decided to seek second opinion from other doctors. The first doctor I saw was a general surgeon, but unfortunately the visit didn’t restore my hope, base on the medical notes provided by the hospital (UHWI), he was unable to do anything to improve my situation.

I then obtained the services of a well known Orthopedic surgeon/consultant who have had patients with similar injuries. He conducted his own observation and examined my previous medical information (x-rays, CT scans etc.) provided by the hospital (UHWI). He then ordered that I do another CT scan that he used to do a comparative analysis with that of the previous CT scan to determine the extent of my injure and if the fracture had heal. It revealed that the fractured in the T11 vertebrae was healed in its entirety, both fragment entry point and the area it is lodged. Based on the results he decided that it would not be wise to do corrective procedure/surgery to the spine, citing that it may lessen my chances of walking again.

At that time he recommended that I focus on physiotherapy, of which I started seeing a private physiotherapist that helped me to understand my disability and how to cope with the changes and challenges that I am faced with. I was taught how to function as an independent paraplegic young man, also various exercises to keep healthy and to strengthen my upper body.

In 2010, I was admitted as a patient at the Sir John Golden Rehabilitation Centre, Jamaica for a month and a half where I was introduced to additional techniques that helped with my rehabilitation. Since then I went back to my private therapist who taught me to use a leg brace and walker to help with my balance, standing and walking. My therapist incorporated leg weights to strengthen my legs, as a result I now have partial motor function and sensory in the lower extremities.

At the time of my injure I was a final year Construction Management student at the University of Technology, Jamaica. I was forced to take a two year break from studying. I recommenced my studies in 2011 and successfully completed a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Construction Management with honors in 2013. I was faced with my fair share of challenges (illness, financial, lack of disability infrastructures etc.) while studying, but thanks to the support of my family, friends, classmates, UTech staff (Medical, administration) we were able to overcome the struggles when they arose and for this I am extremely grateful.

Even though it has been four years since my injury at times I grapple with the thought of being paralyze. Since my injury I have seen promising improvement and I continue to seek further treatment. I was accepted for treatment at the  CENTER OF NEUROLOGICAL RESTAURATION. They have a comprehensive Neurological Restoration program there that is technologically advance and is rated as the best in the hemisphere and it has yielded significant success in thousands of patients from various of countries.
Unfortunately such program comes with a hefty cost totaling approximately $26,500.00 US. I am trying my best to raise as much on my own, but I am currently unemployed. I kindly ask for your assistance at this time to raise the money required to carry out my treatment.”



While a student at UTech, Ja Andre’s tragic incident and journey to recovery as well as returning to us to complete his degree with honours was well known and supported by our Medical Centre,  Student Services departments and his Faculty. Now that it has been 2 years since graduation and 6 years since that fateful night, and he still hasn’t achieved his goal of walking again, Andre needs the help of all of us in the wider alumni community as well as our network.


EVERYONE of us can help Andre by

Sharing his story (copy the Go Fund Me Link) with AS MANY PEOPLE as we can… by using email, word-of-mouth & social media, and taking the time to add a sentence asking our network to support him. Don’t just share the link without pausing to give a personal touch. More person’s will respond if they receive an endorsement from someone they know. So do add your appeal when you share Andre’s story throughout your network.


SOME of us may be in the financial position to also support through donation.

We gratefully ask you to give what you can and as soon as possible!


GO FUND ME:  Andre’s Physiotherapy Fund  (Online Donations)


Bank of Nova Scotia, Constant Spring branch, ,
BNS Account Number 46342
Account Name – Andre M. Campbell

Contact Andre
Email: campbell_a_m21@yahoo.com
Phone:(876) 375-0489

SEE JAMAICA OBSERVER ARTICLE “Paralyzed Andre Want’s to Make It! Sunday, November 22, 2015

We thank you for CARING. We thank you for SHARING. We thank you for DONATING to Andre’s Physiotherapy Fund. Together, we will do our part to see him stand tall, again.

Alumni Relations Office
University of Technology, Jamaica



1. Michelle Picart-Reid - January 13, 2017

Welcome to the University of Technology Prof. Vasciannie, I hope you receive all the support that can be extended to you. My deepest wish is that the courses that have not been accredited will be in short order. I am a victim of the un accredited Masters in Workforce Training and Education programme who wants to earn from my investment.

2. DBrown - December 15, 2015

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Sad story but I still had to share..

3. latzwannawrite - November 27, 2015

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My school mate needs your help…God is able

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