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UTech Gets QuantaCann2 to Support Ganja Testing Services June 22, 2015

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QuantaCann2 Boosts UTech’s Ganja Testing Services

Quanta Cann2

Dean of the College of Health Sciences and focal point for the University of Technology (UTech), Jamaica’s Cannabis enterprise, Ellen Campbell Grizzle, is pleased with the new QuantaCann 2 machine acquired from Steep Hill, USA. “This upgraded addition to our testing facility is invaluable. We are now able to offer a basic line of testing services to our allied partners and growers at an excellent price. We are the first in Jamaica and the Caribbean to offer such basic testing services with this machine.”

Revolutionary technology

The Quantacann 2 machine uses a revolutionary cannabis testing technology to analyze Cannabis, providing data about cannabinoid potency levels, moisture content, and other components of the plant within seconds. The system is designed for use at medicinal cannabis access points. It is used in the USA as a point of sale support.

Steep Hill has trained seven (7)   lecturers in the College of Health Sciences (COHS) and Dr. Andrew Lamm of the Faculty of Science and Sport (FOSS) to operate the machine. Initially, dried flowers and stalks will be tested. Subsequently, the UTech centre will be able to test concentrates. Ganja growers, manufacturers, students at UTech and other tertiary institutions who are engaged in basic Ganja research can use the QuantaCann for quick and easy investigation of plant characteristics. “Testing for pharmaceutical purposes will require the use of other additional equipment that we have here at UTech in the Natural Products Laboratory operated by Dr. Lamm of FOSS, “Dean Grizzle said.

UTech’s first step into the formalized Cannabis economy

The QuantaCann2 provides the opportunity for a first important step for UTech into the formalized Cannabis economy. “If you can test your sample, you have a good idea of the potency that you have. Then you can decide how best to formulate what you have for medicinal purposes,” she said.

Currently, the UTech Collaborative Group includes Dr Andrew Lamm, Dr Amani Ishemo, Dr Claire Sutherland and Dr Ellen Campbell Grizzle. The Steep Hill collaboration was forged through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed through the instrumentality of Dr Claire Sutherland, Senior Director, Institutional and international linkages. So far the partnership has yielded a road map for the Jamaica Cannabis Ecosystem and the formation of a Steep Hill UTech Ecosystem (SHUTE). Additionally, this collaboration has led to the sharing of technology and training for UTech staff and over 300 Jamaican pharmacists. More training events and expanded services are planned.

– Story taken from UTech Broadcaster
– Picture taken from tumblr/41.media


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