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Discussion: Personal Branding, Hosted by Talk Tank June 22, 2015

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PersonalB Craig

The TALK TANK (TT) is a NEW, stimulating and energizing meeting ground of ideas that INSPIRE human beings to be all they were purposed. These ideas are articulated through talks, the creative and performing arts; and are powerful because each TANK is alive and abuzz with lived experiences that INSPIRE.

#Personal #Branding is the first TANK event, scheduled for Wednesday, July 1, 2015, at the PCJ Auditorium (Haughton Avenue, New Kingston), from 7pm – 8:30pm.  I invite you and your team members to register for this presentation, as it will not only reenergize, but position and equip persons to powerfully represent themselves and ultimately, their organizations.

#Personal #Branding directly influences an organization’s outputs. #Branding is commonly thought of as the influence and impact of a business’ products or services in the market place. However, organizations are only as powerful as their staff; and unfortunately, not enough attention and resources are pumped into staff developing themselves as a #Personal #Brand. Many companies are not even familiar with the concept of #Personal #Branding.

This TALK TANK will ignite thinking around building a #Personal #Brand, and will provide practical tools to stand out from ‘the regular staff’, and be THE ONE, everyone else wants to work with, or be served by.

This exclusive event is open to only 100 professionals, representing human resource management, marketing and communications, banking, consumer goods and retail, to name a few. Registration and tickets are online at www.amiando.com/talktank, at US$19.99 p/p. Tickets will not be sold at the venue.

For more information visit the TALK TANK site at www.craigmcnally.wix.com/talktank.

Stand out! Be distinctive! Make your mark! You are your own Marketing Manager! REGISTER!

Be Inspired



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