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Tips for Your Life! April 15, 2015

Posted by utechalumni in Job Search Tips.
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Hi UTech Grads,

We speak to Grads and students often and are increasingly concerned that you may not be fully prepared to grasp the opportunities that are available every day, and which may transform your life and career positively and dramatically. Please, please, please, we strongly encourage you to pay keen attention to the following as a way of living prepared to benefit from opportunities that may come your way.

– P-E-R-F-E-C-T your resume and have it ready (e.g.jump drive, email inbox) to share within seconds of a request

– If someone tells you of an opportunity, respond right away, ask clarifying questions, take personal responsibility to do relevant research and follow up on it, don’t put it off until tomorrow

– Take personal responsibility to DO RESEARCH on every matter that touches and concerns your life, without expecting that someone will lay out the information for you.

– If persons (especially older persons) show an interest in your career and life in general, cultivate a positive and genuine relationship with them with a ‘giving’ / ‘looking out for’ mindset versus a ‘taking’ or ‘use you/relate to you for my own convenience’ mindset and keep in touch with them

– Seek out a Mentor or several older persons with whom you can have mentoring type conversations and receive…ongoing guidance about your life and work goals. Older persons have a wealth of information which can help you make the right decisions…faster. In addition, they can be your connectors to a variety of influential persons and relevant opportunities.

– When someone suggests something to you to make your life better, challenge yourself not to respond with the 101 reasons why you can’t do it, or it could go wrong. Challenge yourself to brainstorm “How can I…?”

– Create a 90 day plan and outline all the steps you need to take over the next 90 days to bring you closer to achieving your life & work goals. If you do this and do your best to follow the plan, even if you don’t do it perfectly, you will be more focused in how you live, you will waste less time, and you will be closer to achieving your goals. Have a plan. Work your plan. ‪#‎Succeed‬

– Work to build your self-confidence, your courage, and overcome shy-ness or feelings of unworthiness.

– Get help if you need it to become bold, and fearless and comfortable in asking for and going after the good things you want for your life.

– Ask for help whenever you need it. There are still enough caring people left in the world. Search high and low for such people, if you need to. The quicker you get help, the quicker you can resume your path to progress and creating the life you want.

– Follow-up! Follow-up! Follow-up! Follow-up right away.

– Let your word mean something. If you agree to do something–get it done and on time.

– Always express gratitude to persons who have helped you know matter how small the help or how insignificant you think the person is. Always remember to say “Thank you!”

We hope this will be helpful to you, and that you will live p-r-e-p-a-r-e-d lives.


Cheryll Messam
Life & Corporate Coach
Alumni Relations Manager
University of Technology, Jamaica



1. Dave Rodriques - April 16, 2015

This is so motivating, Thank you for sharing these helpful tips with me.

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