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Are You Really Serious About Finding A Job? March 5, 2015

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I am inspired to write this post out of my grave concern for job hunters in today’s reality of a poor local and global economy. My graver concern stems from the fact that many persons I speak with who indicate that they are searching for a job, exhibit behaviour  which leaves me wondering if that is in fact the case. The main element which I believe is missing is a good and realistic attitude to finding a job and facilitating successful career management. Too often I am observing alleged job seekers who have unrealistic expectations, poor knowledge of the labour market and their industries, poor knowledge of the requirements of the jobs they seek, slow or lack of follow up on suggestions or opportunities, nonchalance, “Oh, I will get to it later” and “I didn’t take action because I don’t know where…how…who” mindsets.” Bear in mind, that attitude has a direct influence on action or behaviour.

Attitude has a direct influence on action or behaviour.

If any of these descriptions are true of you, I have to conclude—You don’t want a job. If you do get a job, it is very likely that you won’t keep it because of your poor and inappropriate attitude. In a poor local and global economy and a seriously contracted labour market, with high unemployment levels, especially among the youth population, your attitude towards: taking total responsibility for your life and job search, researching relevant information, connecting with knowledgeable people and cultivating good relationships with persons of goodwill and taking consistent action, will play a major role in determining your competitiveness in the labour market.

People Who are Serious About Finding a Job

  • See themselves as primarily responsible for finding a job, and don’t blame other persons, or focus on anger, resentment or envy
  • Keep learning and up to date with their skills, profession and industry trends; while also developing their self-confidence, self-esteem and ability to deal appropriately with rejection and disappointment
  • Focus on solutions and taking action and are willing to make sacrifices, inconvenience themselves, and experience extreme discomfort, and the constant push back in timelines, if that is the price they need to pay to get a job
  • Clarify the specific jobs they are qualified for and the requirements, and which industries and companies hire for those positions
  • Create resumes that are well written, well formatted, and targeted to each specific job that is being applied for
  • Maintain consistent practice of their interview skills so that they grow in their ability to manage anxiety and answer questions efficiently
  • Take action quickly and eagerly. Without being reminded, they are the first ones to call and respond to opportunities and they keep following up without prompting and reminders until the opportunity provides value or follow-up is no longer appropriate
  • Regularly seek out, respect and take quick action on the advice of persons who are more knowledgeable than they are on what it takes to find a job in general, or what it takes to find a job in their particular industry
  • Strategically involve as many people as is possible in their job search, sharing with persons a clear picture of what jobs they are qualified for, what companies they are interested in working in, and asking directly for assistance in circulating their resume
  • Regularly express gratitude for the good things they already have and have experienced in life, remembering to thank every person who supports them in their job search and to look out for opportunities to serve others
  • Never give up on themselves or their dreams

Any experienced HR Manager or hiring manager will tell you that they prefer to hire someone who is not technically ideal but has a good attitude, rather than someone who has most of the technical skills and experience required for the job, but has a poor attitude. If you are serious about finding a job, begin by eliminating any gaps you have in the quality of your attitude. That good change you want is coming, and you want to be prepared to get it and to keep it!


Cheryll Messam, CPC, ELI-MP
Certified Professional Life & Corporate Coach
Alumni Relations Manager
University of Technology, Jamaica




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