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UTech Alumni Job Club: Week 2a – State of the Labour Market Per Job Advts November 13, 2014

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Dear Alumni,

Below please find one of four (4) assignments that we share with you with full confidence that if completed, will significantly enhance your job search strategy. Completion of all four assignments will provide the following benefits:

  1. Clarity on your skill set that you have to offer the labour market – Will enable you to increase the variety of jobs you apply for.
  2. Clarity on the local &/or overseas labour market trends based on your analysis of job advertisements and financial news relevant to your job or industry of choice – Will help you verify the demand for your targeted job position; and verify if it is time to change fields, pursue higher education, change your job search strategy, or pursue an entrepreneurial venture.
  3. Clarity on how to use social media in your job search strategy – Will help you increase your job search strategies in a contemporary way – The more relevant strategies you incorporate inclusive of using information & communication technology, the greater your chances of attracting a job.
  4. Creation of 100 contact database to facilitate your networking strategy – Will help you be strategic in approaching persons to connect you to opportunities and circulate your resume.



State of the Labour Market – What Clues Exist in the Job Advertisement Trends?

Create a Frequency Table to Illustrate Job Market Trends via Job Advertisements for a Minimum of 4 Weeks. (3 – 6 months will provide you with a better data set to see what jobs industries are demanding)


Analyzing the job advertisements of the major and popular online and print media will help you identify which jobs are in demand and at what level of seniority and salary.  This will help you decide whether your career path is viable or needs adjustment. It will also give you a data driven basis to explore new fields or remain on your current path.


If you choose to do this assignment, and we hope you do, use your initials for anonymity online and year of graduation e.g. CM ’14 and let us share and learn together and support each other in our job search/career goals. We invite you to use the comment option for this post to share:

  • What you have discovered about labour market trends relevant to your industry
  • Replies or comments on the responses of other alumns
  • Questions you may have on labour market trends
  • Job opportunities you may know of which match a skill or interest posted by other alumns
  • Any useful comment, content (Audio, Visual or Print) or article that is relevant to this topic

PLEASE NOTE: If you are are member of the UTech Alumni Job Club on Facebook, we ask you to post your comments there for the benefit of all group members. It is a closed networking group and so there is no need for you to post anonymously in the group.



Cheryll Messam, CPC, ELI-MP
Certified Life & Corporate Coach
Alumni Relations Manager
University of Technology, Jamaica


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