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Welcome UTech Class of 2014 November 7, 2014

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Welcom_Congrats 2014


On behalf of our over 48,000 graduates, the Alumni Relations Office of the University of Technology, Jamaica extends a warm welcome to all members of the Class of 2014.  You are now valued members of the Alumni Community and we look forward to remaining in contact with you, and supporting you in practical and value adding ways in your ongoing personal and professional development. In addition, we look forward to receiving your support to ensure that UTech continues be a strong leader in the education sector locally and regionally. Please see below for additional information on Alumni matters at UTech and the various online sites that we have created with you in mind. Do bookmark this blog and check it often for UTech and Alumni news and updates, and especially job alerts which we receive from private and public sector organizations.




How Do I Connect and Stay in Touch with Other Alumni & UTech?

Connect with Us Online!

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Why Should I Take Interest in Alumni Relations at UTech?

The world is increasingly organized around networks. Therefore, a person who wishes to advance personally, professionally and in entrepreneurship, will be greatly facilitated in attaining his/her goals, based on the number of persons he/she knows who are directly related to his/her area(s) of interest. Many people find it awkward and uncomfortable to be deliberate about creating healthy networks with strangers. However, this becomes less of a challenge if you can start off the relationship by identifying something you have in common. Your history as a student of UTech is something truly significant that you share in common with over 58,000 graduates of CAST-UTech who are located locally and globally, and who enjoy different levels of influence in their various areas.  Supporting, and attending  UTech and Alumni events will provide a safe context for you to get your networking feet wet or expand your current network strategically. In addition to the opportunity for  strong support in your  personal, professional and business development ventures, staying connected to UTech and other alumni, provides you with the opportunity to give back to UTech and the field of education, to ensure that other Jamaican and Caribbean students are able to access education and move on to the next season of their lives with confidence.  We hope you will choose to stay connected.

 What is the Alumni Relations Office?

The Alumni Relations Office (ARO) is the professional unit within the administrative structure of the University of Technology, Jamaica, with the main responsibility of facilitating continued engagement between the University and its graduates located locally and globally. The University’s alumni stakeholders community is comprised of graduates affiliated with an alumni group e.g. Alumni Association, and Alumni Chapters ; as well as graduates with no affiliations. We in the Alumni Relations Office are happy to serve all past students of UTech as individuals or working together in alumni groups.

What is the Alumni Association?

The Alumni Association, University of Technology, Jamaica was established by the University of Technology, Jamaica Act, Statute XVII. The Association is a voluntary grouping of past students of the University. The Association has its own Executive, and functions independently of the Alumni Relations Office. However it receives some administrative support from the Office by way of receiving mail, processing membership applications, as well as marketing and promotion of the Association’s events to the Alumni and University Community. To learn more and join the Alumni Association CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION FORM.

What are Alumni Chapters?

Alumni Chapters are voluntary groups of alumni of the University established based on geographical region or country. They are smaller in scope than the main Alumni Association.  Chapters function independently of the Alumni Relations Office, but require its approval in order to use the University’s symbols, as well as to receive administrative support. Similar to the Alumni Association, the main objective of Chapters is to promote the interests of the alumni members of the particular region/country as well as the interests of the University. Currently the main UTech Alumni Chapters are based in South Florida and New York. Both continue to be significant stakeholders in supporting the University through annual donations of student scholarships or tools and equipment.


Congratulations UTech Class of 2014

Stay Connected with Us

We Look Forward to Serving You!








Cheryll Messam, CPC, ELI-MP
Certified Professional Life & Corporate Coach
Alumni Relations Manager
Alumni Relations Office
University of Technology, Jamaica



1. Jennnifer Hall - September 26, 2016

Yea, yea. I agree.

2. Ricardo - April 23, 2016

I believe the alumni relations is a good thing, there is a lot of past students to include though

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