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Stephen We Miss You! April 25, 2014

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The CAST- UTech Family mourns the death (Thursday, April 24, 2014) of our colleague, friend, supervisor, Brother-in-Christ — Stephen Edwards, Chief Accountant, University of Technology, Jamaica.  Stephen has been a member of staff of our institution since August 1992. We especially remember his family, friends and all affected by his passing in prayer at this time.

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Alumni Relations Office
University of Technology, Jamaica


1. Charmagne Mortley - May 9, 2014

There is a gap, there is a hole that remains by the passing of dearest Stephen. We carried our loads togther we shared the challenges – a genuine person who made a difference. I miss him so much and I was amongst the least of those whom he knew.

To his dear wife and daughters, may you be comforted to know that he gave his all and more to fulfil that which he belived was his God given purpose. He shared his talents to their fullest and brought God’s blessing to many.
May his soul rest in peace!

2. Margarene Spence - May 8, 2014

To Mrs Edwards, her daughters and the rest of his family I just want to say: “Blessed are those that mourn, for they shall be comforted.”(Matthew 5:4).

May the fond  memories of Stephen bring you comfort, even as you face the days ahead without him. Stephen Edwards had the heart of a servant, always willing to help, and was kind in his discourses, a wonderful human being. And now he is gone to take his eternal rest. Rest in peace my brother, rest.

3. Anonymous - May 8, 2014

To Mrs Edwards, her daughters and other family members, I just want to say, “Blessed are those that mourn, for they shall be comforted” (Matthew 5:4). And as your mourn this loss. May the fond  memories of Stephen bring you comfort, even as you face the days ahead without him. Stephen Edwards had the heart of a servant, always willing to help, and was kind in his discourses, a wonderful human being. And now he is gone to take his eternal rest. Rest in peace my brother, rest in peace!!!

4. Anonymous - May 8, 2014

Alicea Baines – May 8, 2014

Genel, you were such a kind and gentle person…but God is the author of our lives and he writes every words with meaning, you were a blessed soul. Rest well my dear.

5. Anonymous - May 8, 2014

Alicea Baines

“Mr. Edwards”, as I always addressed you by…God knows the plans he had for you…sleep well. May your soul rest in peace.

6. Chris Udeagha May 8,2014 - May 8, 2014

An Iroko-Tree,that provides shade to many people has fallen.
Though gone,but not forgotten.

7. Anonymous - May 8, 2014

Stephen i am so saddened to have learnt of your passing i remember all those joke we used to have every time i came to your office we are always jokingly at each other you barring me from admin, but in the midst of life there is death sleep well my co-worker until we meet again.

8. Anonymous - May 8, 2014

We have lost a gentle giant!

9. HW - May 8, 2014

Stephen was a warm and kind gentle-giant. A man of God.

His life witnessed to us! May we who remain take stock.

Condolences to his family and friends; my prayers are with you all.

May the memories fill your hearts with joy.

10. Anonymous - May 8, 2014

Stephen, I remember your unassuming personality from way back then and you have not changed one bit. The last time I saw you, I am glad we took the time out to greet each other. I can still see your smile lingering. Little did I know, I was seeing you for the last time on earth! I am praying for your family, friends and the entire UTech family who is now mourning such a great loss.
Still can’t believe you are gone; no sah!
God knows what’s best. RIP with your God! Gone too soon!

G.Euter Robinson

11. Michelle Holness - May 8, 2014

Stephen, may your blessed soul rest in peace! You were a pleasure to know, jovial and down to earth. Your work with ACHEA will never be forgotten! Sleep well my friend! To your family, may God’s grace and mercy carry them though this difficult time.

12. Novlette Gordon - May 8, 2014

22. Novlette Gordon

Stephen, I have very fond memories of you as a coworker. Gone but not forgotten..Many prayers are being said for your wife and family.

May your soul rest in peace.

N. Gordon

13. Josephine - May 8, 2014

May your soul rest in peace,
Sir I can just remember you saying, So Ms Ramsay gone, yuh free now , yes “with that smirk smile” or so is what you guys over there planning now, all in good jest.

Sir Eddie, I will miss just coming through your door, “and saying Mr. Eddie, yuh can sign this petty cash cheque for me” May your family find comfort in just knowing you did all God has assigned for you to do and though it may seem a short time, we cannot envision his plan…so we walk on …It’s a road we all have to trod , God understands it all, we who are left behind just have to get ready because we know not when..walk on in peace my brother.


14. Lesrine Roberts - May 8, 2014

You will be greatly missed. Gone, but not forgotten. Walk good my brother.

15. Anonymous - May 7, 2014

May your soul rest in peace and I pray The Lord will give your family strength,comfort and. Peace a mind. Blessings. Shelly.

16. Dezmereen - May 7, 2014

Mr. Edwards, I still cannot take it in completely that you have left this earth. Your passing has brought me much grief yet much clarity that life is so precious that we should enjoy each and every moment. I am thankful that I knew you, that you were my boss and such a light in the midst of the chaos. I pray for God’s undeniable comfort for your family – you were always so proud of your girls – a true family man. Thank you for the encouragement to pursue my dreams, thank you for your guidance and I am so glad that I was able to say thank you, for all that you did for me before I left UTech. A man of God, a man of kindness, a gentle soul and always a warm spirit. Your rest will be continuous – sleep well Mr. Edwards.

17. Keisha - May 1, 2014

Mr. Edwards even though was apart of management seems to find the time to talk with other staff members to find out what is happening. I called him Eddie and he always shared a joke or two with you. He knew I like mangoes and all when the bird bite the mango him bring it and say ” you caan cut that out man “. He was the master of ceremonies for all occasions. He knew how to have a good time at celebrations.He had the jokes locked.

I will truly miss him.

18. Nola Gavin - April 29, 2014

Missing my co-worker RIP.

19. Petulla Prendergast - April 28, 2014

Words are not enough to express the pain and the utter shock i felt upon hearing the news of Stephen’s death!! What a beautiful person he was, always smiling and gentle in spirit, a family man and one who loved God… My prayers are with his family and the also to the UTech family, whom he has come in contact with and has touched their lives. This is indeed a deep lost. May his soul rest in peace and that we continue cherish the fond memories we have of him.
Petulla Prendergast

20. Aldith - April 28, 2014

From our CAST days until now, you remained the same unchanged, always smiling, a gentle giant always giving of yourself. I don’t know why you had to go so soon but I will have to accept it. I hope that God has you in the palm of His hands. RIP Stephen.

21. kawwhite - April 28, 2014

Stephen may you rest in peace …my co-worker..my friend

22. kawwhite - April 28, 2014

Stephen you will be missed…my co-worker..my friend

23. Anonymous - April 28, 2014

Stephen you will be missed… Rest in peace my co-worker.. my friend

24. Nicole C - April 28, 2014

Stephen you will be greatly missed. we are all saddened by your untimely passing. may your soul rest in peace. Walk good as you are with Christ. Amen.

25. David & Miriam Devey - April 27, 2014

Though I have never met Stephen, I am sending prayers for Betty and her daughters. I am a member of Hopeton’s church in Bethlehem.
I put your family on our church prayer list,asking for the strength to get through this very difficult time. May God’s Blessing be on all of you. David & Miriam Devey, Bethlehem PA.

26. Anonymous - April 27, 2014

Trishydee – April 27, 2014

I am speechless, shock and in disbelieve – so sudden. I will always remember your welcoming countenance, your laughter and jokes. You were such a jovial man, boss and our MC for any little staff events. We have really lost a rare gem. Even though God knows best you will be forever missed. RIP Eddie.

27. Tracey-Ann Pessoa - April 26, 2014

Stephen, every morning I was accustomed to seeing your car parked beside mine and when I saw you you always had a smile. You were always so helpful, a gentle giant, never an unkind word. I am heartened that you knew the Lord and so I am comforted by the fact that you are in a better place. Walk good my brother in Christ.

28. Audrey DaCosta - April 26, 2014

Stephen, you were an ‘ambassador for Christ’ in the every sense!!!You knew the Lord and made Him known. UTech was your mission field more so than your workplace because your ministry was enmeshed with your work. Thanks Stephen for leaving us the kind of legacy where “dust nor moth cannot corrupt…”. I’m delighted that we crossed paths of mutual and eternal purpose. “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord, they rest from their labour”.

Audrey DaCosta

29. Rita - April 26, 2014

I am so saddened to hear this, I am still in shock. I remember Stephen so funny, he always supported the staff netball team when I used to play. He is a true Christian and I am just shocked. My prayers go out to his family. His beautiful daughters and wife. May God strengthen you.

30. Heather Hogarth-Smith - April 26, 2014

Rest in peace in the loving arms of God, Stephen. You laboured joyfully in service to your UTech colleagues. It was a pleasure working with you.

Heather Hogarth-Smith

31. Anonymous - April 25, 2014

Former co worker at ministry of national security and brother in Christ,we will miss you…Betty God will strengthen you at this times.Lean on Him

32. Cheryll Messam - April 25, 2014

Stephen, it will take me a good while to absorb the fact that you are gone. UNBELIEVABLE! Trus mi! You were an easy going, non-abrasive, welcoming, Christian man. You are a good memory for me at work. May God remember that about you and may He pass on your blessing to your wife and daughters. I ask God to be to each of them, all your family, your friends, your co-workers and all who cared about you…may God be to each, what they need most at this time, I pray in Jesus’ name, amen. Unbelievable! Yet for sure I know because of who you belonged to, you shall certainly rest in peace!

33. Angela Isaacs-Brown - April 25, 2014

I have lost a friend a co-worker, and a brother in Christ. There was no time that I went to Stephen and did not get assistance. He was willing, warm and approachable. I am truly missing him and that warmth smile, the way he used to call my name, and inviting spirit; God’s love exemplified.

God’s garden is more beautiful today than yesterday because you have been added.

you are truly missed.

34. Susan brodber - April 25, 2014

I am so saddened by this death. Stephen gave me great support while at UTech. He was always pleasant and accommodating, so full of life. Stephen was a child of God. To his family, immediate and extended, know that in the mercy of God we can find comfort for our pain and peace for our troubled hearts.

Susan Brodber

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