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Genel We Miss You! April 25, 2014

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Genel McKogg


The UTech Family  is deeply saddened by the sudden passing of our colleague and friend Genel Charmaine McKogg, today April 25, 2014

Genel joined the University on July, 2, 2008 in the Division of Finance and Business Services. In 2009 she graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree. At the time of her passing she was serving in the capacity of Receivables Accounting Assistant\Cashier.

We especially remember her family, colleagues and friends at this time.

Pay Tribue

You are invited to pay tribute to Genel by sharing your reflections using the comment option on this post.


Alumni Relations Office
University of Technology, Jamaica






1. Anonymous - August 18, 2014

Genel, Requiescat in pace, it’s funny how all i’m thinking about now is I should have or i could have……..condolences to your family….

2. Margarene Spence - May 8, 2014

To the McKogg family: May God comfort you with His peace and strength and as you mourn the Genel’s death. May you find the resolve to rear that precious little child in the fear of the Lord. To her partner, just know that God’s knows best

3. Anonymous - May 8, 2014

A family is like body. When a family loses a loved one, it is as if they have lost one of their limbs. The contribution that was made by the family member that is lost is irreplaceable. The person is gone, what that person has brought to the family is gone too. It is important for that family to take time out to grieve for this loss. Doing so is a matter of respect for the relative that had passed away. It’s also a step that the family must take to acknowledge its loss. If we do not take the time to honor the lost relative, it is as if we are saying that they didnt matter to us. Rest in peace dear heart. Shellyann.

4. Anonymous - May 8, 2014

These scriptures are dedicated to all of us who are grieving the loss a precious gem Genel Mckogg. I pray that the relatives will be encourage and comforted by the HolySpirit and these breathed words of the the only true God, the Author and Finisher Jesus. And i quote, from the ( Kjv) of the only true book of the gospel, The Bible: “Blessed are they that mourn, they shall be comforted. (Matt5v4). “Blessed Be God, even the Father of our lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort.”(2corin1v3). ” He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” (Rev21v4). “Those who walk uprightly enter into peace; they find rest as they lie in death.” (Isaiah 57v2). “Weeping endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” (Psalms30v5). “The Lord is near to the broken-hearted, and saves the crushed in spirit.” (Psalms34v18). “And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb, and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death.” (Rev2v11). “When calamity comes, the wicked are brought down, but even in death the righteous have a refuge.” (Pro14v22). “In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump, for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. For this corruptible must put on in corruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. O death,where is your sting? O grave,where is your victory? The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks to God, which giveth victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” ” But i do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning those who have fallen asleep, lest you sorrow as others who have no hope.” (1thessa4v3)’. In everything give thank! God do things beyond human understanding, he’s a
God of mystery! I pray The Lord bless and keep y’all, in Jesus name. Shalom. Fr:Shellyann Simpson.

5. Anonymous - May 8, 2014

Genel, rest in perfect peace .. Gone too soon ..

6. Anonymous - May 8, 2014

Genel, rest in perfect peace ..

7. Novlette Gordon - May 8, 2014

Novlette Gordon
I have recently met Genel through her nephew,Kemar. I am very saddened to hear of her passing. I am praying for her family members at this time.

May her soul rest in peace.

Novlette Gordon

8. Michelle Holness - May 8, 2014

Another angel joins the hosts in heaven! Blessed memories of you Genel!

9. Anonymous - May 8, 2014

Today I woke up and just don’t know how to say I miss my cousin so much. All I just keep seeing is your eyes. Cuz I just can’t move on, my heart is ripped apart, I can’t explain or express myself how deeply broken hearted I am losing you. I know death is final! but it’s hard and god understand, because am not an angel…. Am only human.. This hits me sooooo harrdddddd… Only god can heal me right now. Am just in tears and pain. But god is god. And we did not came on earth to stay. I pray to Jesus you and I will meet in glory land and drink milk and honey and you won’t sick anymore or feel anymore pain. Rest in peace my beautiful cous. I pray the family will be encourage and strengthen by tha Holy Spirit and I pray god grace will keep uncle Ballie. And I pray baby Leah will grow in the sight of The Lord. You are sadly missed by shellyann Simpson. Alias christy.

10. Lesrine Roberts - May 8, 2014

May your soul rest in peace and light perpetual shines on you.

11. Warren - May 8, 2014

My baby sister, Genel….I can’t find words to express how I am feeling. Does not sound real to know that you are no longer with us in the physical. Every now and then I still browse my phone just to read your text messages to me…just to say hi or to get an advice. Genel, I missed you so much…. and I know for sure that you know I love you. You have been through a lot over the years and now I understand that God only takes the best. R.I.P. my sister, Genel.

12. Jackie - May 8, 2014

Genel, one of my sisters-in-law that I met just about 18 years ago. She was one of the most humblest person I ever met….very soft spoken she was. I will miss hearing her soft voice on the other end of the phone line, “Hi Sis, this is Genel…how are you?” It really breaks our hearts (your brother, Warren & I) to know that you are no longer with us. We had such a good time only a few weeks ago and now you are gone….still does not sound real to me! We missed you Genel and may your soul rest in peace…..TEARS!

13. Anonymous - May 8, 2014

Genel, one of my sister-in-law, I met just about 18 years ago. Genel was always a soft spoken, the humblest person I have ever met. It breaks my heart to know that I will not hear that soft voice on the one end of phone line that says ” Hi Sis….how are you….it’s Genel! Truly, she is well missed by my husband, Warren, her brother and I. RIP — Genel! We love you but God loves you even more..

Warren & Jackie

14. Shelly ann Simpson - May 7, 2014

It’s such a pain to loose an adorable cousin as you gen gen. I just find it hard to breathe at times. I love u always. Rest in peace. Shellyann Simpson.

15. Anonymous - May 7, 2014

My sweet innocent cousin, am here just picturing her dreamy eyes. You were so humble and clothed with humility. Your daughter will carry on your legacy you left behind. Rest in peace cuzzie. I miss you and it makes me sad, but Christ strengthen me in my weaknesses. Shalom.

16. Dezmereen - May 7, 2014

RIP Genel, you were a quiet soul but a force to be reckoned with…such a giving person, should not have left this earth so soon.

17. Anonymous - May 6, 2014

We cannot question God but a true flower has been taken. RIP. Genes you were a very lovely past student of mine at Maggotty High school

18. Shannie Stephenson-Black - May 6, 2014

Genel, oh my heart hurts I remember when you took sick at high school and we came to the hospital to see you.
God knows we all will miss you, a great friend you were, my heart is broken, with God’s we will heal in his timing.
Sadly miss by Maggotty High School 10B2, Accounts Class. May your Soul Rest in Peace.

19. Jasmine Mckogg-Miller - May 6, 2014

What can I say: I have lost a sister,a friend, a rose from my garden….Sis you have leave this world to take your rest,I will always cherish the love and support you given me..You were one of my motivator;we were like twins from different birthdates…It will never be the same without you sis,but I will live your precious memories daily;I will love and cherish the beautiful gift you have left us that’s “Leah-Savannah” my niece….Sleep on now darling ;take your rest….God will give us strength to endure…Love you sissy….RIP……”I can hear you voice as you toasted me at my wedding on march 30,2014….those words were fill with love ,happiness …I really miss you sweet…..

20. Tishauna Mcmaster - May 6, 2014

My childhood friend….may the Lord welcome you into his warm embrace! You battled with lupus since high school…but you made it through and lived the life you wanted. You were happy, you felt loved, you were blessed, you felt joy…in the midst of all your uncertainties…God gave you the desires of your heart. I thank God that He spared your life then, so you could touch the lives of those you met after high school. I am glad that you lived…you were not held back by fear and apprehension…a part of you lives on and for that I am thankful…fly among angels Genel!

21. Keisha - May 1, 2014

Genel will be missed. She promised me that I would see her and the baby when I return to work , but you see ……today is promised to no man. I am saddened by her passing. She was always willing to help. She helped me to get lunch delivered at my desk as I was not able to get it myself. She was always pleasant to talk to.

You will truly be missed.

22. Kadiesha Turlounge - April 30, 2014

Its never a good feeling to lose someone you love, I didn’t know Genel personally but her passing is heartfelt as the UTech family is one and when a link goes missing from the chain if affects the entire piece of jewellery. RIP Genel, your memories will indeed live on through your families and friends. May the Lord continue to strengthen the ones closest to her at this time. My prayers are with you all. ❤

23. Nola Gavin - April 29, 2014

Missing my co-worker RIP.

24. Anonymous - April 28, 2014

It hurts so badly. Gone just too soon. It will take a long time for me to understand why. God knows best because of His sovereignty. Rest In Peace Stephen and Genel.

25. Anonymous - April 28, 2014

Sometimes for us to learn the lessons we need to learn in life, God has to take the best from us. We may never know why she had to go, but I pray that for those of us left behind we will make use of the time we have left. Blessings

26. Anonymous - April 28, 2014

Here sitting at my desk at work and Genel is not across from me asking me to go and buy her breakfast is very sad. I am still in shock cant believe she is gone. I am really going to miss her.
Mr Edwards words cant explain how i feel knowing you’re not going to be here to guide me in my duties. You are a boss that’s irreplaceable. May your souls R.I.P. Genel & Mr. Edwards.

27. Nicole Coke - April 28, 2014

R.I.P Genel. you were a quiet one but always smiling. Whenever we come in contact there is always a smile to greet me. R.I.P God’s angel .

28. Anonymous - April 27, 2014

Trishydee -April 27, 2014

Buoy Genel today is the worst day I have ever had at UTECH. Words cant express the pain we are all feeling today. You were so close my friend, every time you see my son you said “TJ you know that I am Aunty Genel” no matter how much he shied away. You will surely be missed. It was a pleasure to have known you can worked with you Genel. I wish our department and your family be comforted by the loving Almighty God as we mourn. Oh, I prayed so much for a miracle. RIP Genel. Gone too soon. 😦 …..tearsssssssss

29. Anonymous - April 27, 2014

My loving cuz… Tears are running, haven’t seen u for years but memories lives on. I pray u did make it right with Jesus before u go. Rip honey. Sadly missed by shellyann.

30. Anonymous - April 27, 2014

I never knew Genel on a personal level but I had to interact with her maybe once or twice. Genel made quite an impression on me because of the excellent customer service she gave and her ‘weird’ last name helped me to remember her also. There was an issue at work that I needed to sort out, an issue that I had been trying to sort out for a very long time. When I arrived at this young lady’s desk it was like a breath of fresh air, suddenly all the doors that seemed to seal off the solution to my issue…. doors hat had been closed for so long, seemed to open effortlessly as Genel advised me of the correct process to follow in order to get resolution. I followed Genel’s advice and the walls that surrounded that issue just seemed to crumble and melt away. I don’t think she realized quite how much she assisted me but suffice to say that she made a happy customer and the positive results of her efforts will last a lifetime. I just had to write to express my gratitude.

31. Anonymous - April 26, 2014

May your soul rest in peace hon….. you were such a sweet soul…you will be missed by many….

32. Anonymous - April 25, 2014

RIP hun

33. Leon J. Samms - April 25, 2014

I am sadden to hear of the passing of another UTech family member. I pray God comforts the heart of her family and friends and that the memories of her will always be in their hearts

34. Duvarney - April 25, 2014

Today is a very sad day, Genel I can’t believe your gone, this is like a dream that I would never want to come true, I remember how I use to make fun of her last name and call it what I want, I remember when we use to argue about the air condition remote because I love the cold n she didn’t, I remember how she use to tell me she always wanted a baby but God knows best my friend, seriously right now my heart is hearting rip ms mckogg tears

35. Anonymous - April 25, 2014

Genel this is truly a sad day, I can’t believe your gone, I remember days I use to twist up your last name and call it what I want to, I remember when we use to argue about the air condition promote because I love the cold and she didn’t, I remember when you always said you want a baby, my heart is in pain to see you pass, this is still shocking I can’t believe you are gone , gone too soon. Ms you ms mckogg

36. Cheryll Messam - April 25, 2014

I was sorry to learn of Genel’s hospitalization very early this morning, and then later to learn of her passing. It is truly hard to experience this news. I ask God to provide uncommon comfort to her family, her friends, her co-workers and all affected by her passing, in Jesus’ name, amen.

37. Angela Isaacs-Brown - April 25, 2014

Gone too soon but God only take the best. i pray God’s strength for the family at this time.

38. Anonymous - April 25, 2014

You were a good friend……I knew you and your whole family and so I can understand the grief they are going through at your passing. I am deeply sadden by your sudden passing, but God knows and understands why. May your soul R.I.P Genel and God’s light perpetual forever shine upon you.

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