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Can You Help A UTech Student? August 10, 2013

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UTech Student Donor Thank You


Dear CAST-UTech Alumni, Friends of UTech,  and Friends of Jamaica,

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.  We in the Alumni Relations Office have been approached by the Accommodations Unit to source funds to assist one of our 1000s of financially challenged students with on-campus accommodation for  upcoming AY 2013-2014. Our Academic Year begins on August 23rd, 2013. The cost of on-campus accommodation is JAD $145,000.00 or US$1450 per annum.

Throughout the Academic Year we are constantly contacted by departments, and individual students seeking our assistance to offset the costs of student life. Yes we have a Scholarship Officer and a Welfare Officer, but there is just not enough money for them to service the real and credible demands of our students.

Things are truly meagre in Jamaica all around. There is serious poverty, dire straights, or financial setback being experienced through all levels of our society. No doubt our student population does not have the resources to combat this on their own. For those willing to work and study—there are very few jobs!

We truly must rely on the generosity of persons like YOU, who understand how POWERFUL and LIFE ENHANCING it is to BE GIVEN A BREAK IN LIFE; and who also believe that EDUCATION is still an effective strategy in lifting oneself out of poverty, and ensuring the ADVANCEMENT of OUR NATION JAMAICA.

To Make Donations

If you are able to contribute any amount please contact Cheryll Messam in the Alumni Relations Office at cmessam@utech.edu.jm or work: 876-970-5468, cell: 876-809-4274, international 954-762-7942. In your email, please put the following in the subject line “Helping UTech Students”

Thanks for your generosity and support of students at UTEch

All donations will be formally acknowledge by the University of Technology, Jamaica

Update 15-08-2013: $66,600 received in pledges to date from UTech Family & Members of the Public. Thanks-so-much!

Update 12-08-2013: $50,000 received in pledges to date from UTech Family & Members of the Public. Thanks-so-much!


Cheryll Messam, CPC

Certified Professional LIfe & Corporate Coach

Alumni Relations Manager

Alumni Relations Office

3rd Floor Administrative Building

University of Technology, Jamaica

237 Old Hope Road

Kingston 6, Jamaica, West Indies

Email: cmessam@utech.edu.jm / utech.alumni@utech.edu.jm

Phone : 876-970-5468



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