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Resume Writing Tips for CAST – UTech Alumni September 12, 2012

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Updated: 18-11-2015

Resume Writing Tips

Dear Alumni,  as you know,  locally and globally — jobs are real hard to find right now. UTech wants to help you look your best on paper, so that you have a real chance at landing that job you want.  So we thought that it would be helpful to share these Resume Writing Tips with you. We do hope that this resource will help you to critique and improve your resume so that you present yourself in the most positive, and  professional light, thereby indicating to prospective employers that your qualifications and experience make you the best choice of applicant;  and that you are the one who will add real value to their organization.  We wish you success in your job search!

Career & Placement Services for Alumni:

As you plan your job search, all CAST-UTech Alumni are invited to  connect with our Career & Placement Service Team on campus. Read more and download brochure at career Placement Unit Brochure 2012


  • THE EXCELLENT RESUME:  An excellent resume clearly answers the number one question on the mind of every Recruiter “What value will this candidate contribute to my company?”  
  • Review your resume with this question in mind, and give an honest answer to the following: “On a scale of 1 – 10, with 10 being the highest score, how well does this version of my resume answer the Recruiter’s question of the value I will bring to the organization?
  • You should aim for 10/10 and if your self-rating is less than 8, you should revise your resume until it is at least an 8/10.


  • HOW DO YOU SHOW THE VALUE YOU WILL BRING TO AN ORGANIZATION ON A RESUME? First think of the various areas in which you had the opportunity to contribute value i.e. to make things better e.g.  Other employers; Internships; Volunteer Opportunities; Clubs & Associations.  Think on paper and for each relevant area write down the answer to these questions:
  • What problems did I solve?
  • How did I reduce cost?
  • How did I speed up a slow process?
  • How did customers respond positively to my work?
  • How did management /supervisors respond positively to my work?
  • How did colleagues respond positively to my work?
  • What idea did I share that was accepted and implemented? And what improvement resulted from the implementation?
  • What awards did I get for my contribution?
  • How did I express my creativity in a way that solved a problem or made a good thing even better?
  • What strengths /skills do I have which are relevant to this job/industry?  What is the evidence of this in relation to my work/academic experience?
  • What unique conditions did I excel in? e.g. Effectively managed a project management team of 20 members located in Spain, Jamaica and France. (This statement informs on your managerial skills;  your project management skills; your interpersonal skills; your bi-lingual skills;, your ability to lead culturally diverse teams; your ability to lead persons on team whose members are located in multiple countries)
  • THE OBJECTIVE STATEMENT: A simple sentence to indicate the position you are applying for e.g. To be employed as a Help Desk Specialist
  • WORK/VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE: AVOID the temptation to only state your position held and list your tasks in a lifeless way. With a little thought you can improve the section, by wording it to show the value of your contribution.
  • WHAT IS THE RIGHT ORDER OF THE SECTIONS OF A RESUME? The right order is the one that will put you in the best light and motivate the recruiter to think “I want to meet this applicant and learn more about him/her!”  Therefore it is a judgment call as to whether you put your Qualifications Section before your Work Experience section  or whether you Include a Summary of Qualifications. The bottom line is that your resume must reflect your careful thought and relevant response to the particular job/industry you are applying to, and your carefully selected pieces of information, arranged strategically,  which will convince the recruiter that he/she needs to contact you to learn more.
  • WHAT IS THE PAGE LIMIT FOR RESUMES? The number of pages whether 1 or 2 etc is also a judgment call. If you use more than 1 page, make sure that you put your most valuable bits of information that you believe make you highly competitive for the job…on the first page. That way if the recruiter is scanning and not reading in depth due to large volumes of applications (which is very likely since an HR practitioner reported this week that she received 100+ applications for jobs posted in the media in less than 24 hours of going public) then you would have already portrayed yourself best on the 1st page.
  • WHAT CAN I DO TO IMPROVE MY RESUME TODAY? If you have taken an honest look at your resume and you know it needs improvement, we recommend the following.
  • Take a step back from your resume review.
  • Pretend that you know nothing about resume writing.  Yes, that may be a challenge to clear your mind, and it will require a little humility, but we believe it will pay off well for you.  Go visit a resume/cover letter/job search resource that will do an excellent job in walking you through the nuts and bolts of making you look good on paper.  Our top pick for you is www.susanireland.com
  • On the Susan Ireland website, read through all her content on
    • Resumes
    • Letters
    • Job Interviews
    • Career Options
    • Sample Resumes by Industry
    • Cover letters
  • Use the Resume Writing Tips, and the information you learned from the Susan Ireland website and revise your resume before sending it out in your application for that next job opportunity.
  • For additional help with RESUME WRITING + JOB SEARCH ADVICE + FORWARDING RESUMES TO EMPLOYERS, all CAST-UTech Alumni are invited to take advantage of the services of our Career & Placement Unit. Contact by email: placement@utech.edu.jm ;  by phone: 876-927-1680 t0 8 ext. 2267, 2030 & 3229.


How to Express Value-Added in Your Resume

Career Confidential

Susan Ireland’s Resume Site

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UTech is committed to being your strategic partner for excellence in your personal and professional life.

To the Success of All CAST – UTech Alumni!

Alumni Relations Office
University of Technology, Jamaica



1. Peter Allen - September 19, 2012

Very good advice. I learned something new.


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