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Preparing for the New Year – What Aspect of My Life Should I Work On? November 21, 2011

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We are coming to the end of another year. So much has happened and perhaps much too quickly for you to have a clear sense of where you are or how you feel about various aspects of your life. It doesn’t hurt to be intentional about setting an appointment with yourself (which you keep…and be on time) to reflect on the level of satisfaction you are experiencing in various aspects of your life.

When you to take the time to reflect on how you are doing, some things will occur to you more sharply and you will have reasons to celebrate your growth in areas you have been working on. Celebrate generously! You will also see the areas that need additional effort from you and perhaps support from others, which combined, will ensure that you stay on track with increasing the overall level of satisfaction you have with your  life. You definitely deserve that!

Below is a simple tool to help you quickly assess your level of satisfaction with various aspects of your life. Then you will know what to work on in the New Year 2012. Why not start today?

My Current Level of Satisfaction with Aspects of Life – Assessment Tool

Wishing you the tenacity to move forward in creating the life you desire.


Cheryll Messam

Alumni Relations Office

University of Technology, Jamaica

email: cmessam@utech.edu.jm /ph: 876-970-5468



1. Anonymous - November 22, 2011

Useful tool that could be extended and validated to provide some additional meaning/guidance, especially if the various aspects are placed into categories. Thanks!

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